Producer Benefits

We assist in increasing sales volume and targeted points of distribution using a “shared cost” model which significantly reduces a supplier’s market learning curve, travel expenses and keeps the focus on revenue production. At Meritage W&S, we do not use a cookie cutter approach to the costing of our deliverables; rather, we match these deliverables with current needs of each supplier.

photo of millenials potential wine buyers

“Reaching millennial consumers has been an obsession for the wine industry for a while now. Millennials like experiences, and they prefer to have a relationship with wine brands they buy.”



Wholesale Brand Representation by State (10):

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida. 

We offer brand management, integrated product marketing, event management, product education, social media referrals, and a clear, refined business planning cycle. Our ten states and marketing opportunities represent +30% of consumer index share in the beverage/alcohol business.


Compliance & Shipping Logistics.

We offer complete compliance capabilities for the entire U.S. to offset in-house supplier costs in administration.

Alternative compliant licenses are available in FL, NY, NJ, and CA
for direct to trade sales options.

detail of a bottle of royal opporto port
vineyard rows with weather vane in foreground

Annual Business Planning, Analysis of your Competitive Set. 

Each business model requires a detailed cost & profit analysis; no two clients are the same. Our “come-in and go-out” annual volume and profit projections become the fiscal tool, tied to sales objectives for both clients & wholesalers.

Consumer Product Tastings, Engagement of the Customer = Enhanced Brand Awareness. 

We staff in-state brand ambassadors, educated and focused on your brand building and key selling objectives. Where necessary, we have a complete set of 3rd party professional event pourers.

Custom Label Design for Control Labels (“made to order”.)

We can design art graphics for eye-catching, symbolic imagery in-house.

Local Marketing Initiatives Staying Up-to-date with Competitive Sets. 

We are active in our markets. We recap your sales activity with quarterly sales plans updates on your brands at all our distributors.

Wholesale Alignments/Strategic State by State Appointments. 

Our 10 markets represents +30% of the wine & and spirits consumption in the USA.

Pricing, Promotion, and Product Education (3 P’s) To Effect Channel Sales Management.

Our in-house pricing shows exactly what you want the consumer to see at retail and your value/profit position to the wholesalers. 

Our product education at distributors is outstanding; we offer 50 years of experience, with fine wine & spirits training.

vineyard rows in the fall with orange leaves