Sales Opportunities

The distribution network has already figured out your customer base (sales by channel), which in turn has full access to our consumer base. The trick is to access these profiles by fitting an appropriate brand to a targeted sales audience. The USA is now the leading country in consumption of wine and shows no signs of overall decline; there are upward trends that point to continued premiumization along with price-quality relationships which drive the profit margins at both wholesale and all sales channels. Our objective at Meritage W&S is to find the right distributor profile to best fit your brands’ specific needs. The entry position for brands in the wholesale business is very difficult, but brand planning, marketing budgets and local sales enhancement make a difference.

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Our Core Vision

We seek to impact distribution by channel management into chains, independents, and state-owned stores.

Education: all sales teams participate in relevant trade shows, and connect with key consumers at events. (ex: Nantucket Wine, Boston Wine Expo, New York Wine Experience).

We facilitate essential networking with leadership at wholesalers, retail and national accounts.

We consult on brand budgeting and fiscal investment timing (“fit”).

We develop strategy for existing and new wholesale alignments. (Think of it as the ultimate insurance policy.) We manage brand objectives using state-of-the-art information systems, V.I.P. DI-Diver and monthly sales data to enhance accountability.


  • Price point segmentation
  • AVA segmentation
  • Fixed costs vs variable costs, designed to enhance return on supplier investments
  • Aligned broker network which if utilized offer an additional 35% market share USA
  • Meritage Wine and Spirits’ mantra is to improve the customer experience.
  • Q4 October, November and December comprise 40% of annual sales for beverage alcohol USA

Arch Beverage Group

Mission Statement:

ARCH BEVERAGE GROUP (ABG) is a service Importer and Marketer of fine wines and craft spirits. We distinguish ourselves from competition and capture market share by securing strong distributor relationships across the USA, augmented with direct trade selling relationships with shared services of our broker networks. We bring creative promotional concepts and proven brand marketing strategies to the marketplace in a unique captivating fashion. Our focus will always be towards value added sales planning and dedicated sales management across key selling areas. An investment in ABG allows our suppliers in excess of 100 years’ experience in the beverage alcohol business.

We look forward to an introduction to your company; email us your contacts, or call us.

Ed Edwards
[email protected]
508 280-5755

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“We need to translate our wine passion through a process of education because never before has there been so much fine wine produced in the world”.

Edwin B. Edwards



The importance of social media marketing is and will continue to be too significant to deploy as an afterthought. Stay tuned, check in with outside digital agencies and even in hard times do not stop your brand marketing presence. Map your goals, is it Website sales traffic, tasting room headcount, digital sales conversions, enhanced brand awareness? Simply put where does social media fit into your organization chart? Your answer is important to us!  Brand image is incremental; marketing professionals have long said it takes between 7-13 touches to get a new customer to a purchase commitment.